Newark Liberty International Airport Information

Newark Liberty International Airport Parking

With an airport that’s this packed, it can be a real pain to find cheap EWR airport parking without planning well in advance. Many guests don’t realize they have parking options other than those offered by the airport. Try looking for off-site parking lots that are nearby Newark Liberty International. You’ll get a great deal on a spot that is safe and secure, as well as access to shuttles that will drive you to and from the airport.

Newark Liberty International Airport

EWR Airport serviced over 35 million passengers in 2013, making them the second largest in the New Jersey/New York City area. Continental Airlines actually began making the first nonstop flights to India by using Newark Liberty International as its takeoff point. Its three runways perfectly accommodate the dozens of flights that come in and out of this airport every day. With its location and the amount of foot traffic at this airport, there’s a lot of room for modern technology advancement, amenities, shops, and restaurants that are sure to keep you busy during a layover.

Dining at EWR Airport

The range of places to dine varies greatly in this airport, so if you can’t find something you like in the immediate proximity of your gate, go out and explore the rest of the terminal you’re in for a much larger selection. For instance, if you’d like a quick coffee or juice, visit Abica Coffee or one of the many Jamba Juices in Terminal A. Travelers in Terminal B should head over to Java Moon Café or the Belgian Beer Café for some quick edible delights and delicious gourmet coffee.

Terminal C is probably the largest section of the airport, with over 40 restaurants and cafes to satisfy your appetite.

Shopping at Newark Liberty International Airport

While it may seem like you’re surrounded by an endless array of restaurants (and you are), there’s plenty of places to get a gift for someone or shop for some new things at EWR. Hudson Newspapers and Hudson Booksellers has all the literature you could want while you’re waiting for your flight. For the tech lover, you have Tech on the Go in Terminal A and InMotion Entertainment in Terminal B and C for all your electronic needs. If you simply need a watch or sunglasses, you can head over to Swatch and Sunglass Hut, respectively.

Activities outside EWR

It’s not uncommon for there to be long delays out of this airport and if you have a good deal of time to burn, why not visit the surrounding area and see the sites? Shopping mall lovers should feel right at home at the Jersey Gardens, which are just a little over 3 miles from the airport. You can also skip over to Central Park, though it’s about 10 miles away and you have to be mindful of the time it takes to get through traffic if you’re planning to fly out in a few hours. The iconic Times Square is nearby as well, so it might be the perfect time to take some pictures and visit this bustling area of New York.

No matter what you choose to do, it’s important that you enjoy your time here rather than sit around in an airport terminal for a day or two waiting for your next flight.

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