ONT - LA/Ontario International Airport Parking

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  • Open 24hrs
  • 24hr Security
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Gated

Shuttle: On Demand Hours: 24 Hours

Parking Types: Self

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Description: The Los Angeles/Ontario International Airport (ONT) transports more nearly 4 million passengers on each year to several major cities in the United States, as well as different areas around the world. More than 120 flights arrive and depart from ONT daily, making it an extremely popular transportation hub for the area. ONT provides several different on-site parking options for travelers. Listed below are each of the parking facilities and their pricing. Lot Rates Daily Parking (Lots 2 & 4): $3.00 0 to 1 Hour $5.00 1 to 2 Hours $7.00 2 to 3 Hours $9.00 3 to 4 hours $11.00 4 to 5 Hours $13.00 5 to 6 Hours $15.00 6 to 7 Hours $17.00 7 to 8 Hours $18.00 8 to 24 hours $18.00 flat rate for each additional day Daily Parking (Lot 5): $3.00 0 to 1 Hour $5.00 1 to 2 Hours $7.00 2 to 3 Hours $9.00 3 to 24 hours $9.00 flat rate for each additional day Shuttles Travelers who park in lots not in walking distance of the terminal are able to make use of the complimentary shuttles. They run 24 hours and transport guests quickly to the main airport terminal and provide luggage assistance. Oversized Vehicles Oversized vehicles are not permitted in any of the on-site parking lots at the Los Angeles/Ontario International Airport Electric Vehicle Parking Free electric vehicle charging stations are available for use in the Daily Parking lots 2 and 4. Normal parking rates will apply and all of the designated spots are available to vans and those in need of disabled parking. Disabled Parking Guests with disabilities are able to utilize the designated parking spaces in each of the on-site parking lots at ONT. Shuttles to transport guests are also available as they are handicap accessible.

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LA/Ontario International Airport